Resoling Clarks Desert Boots

Recently, I fell in love with my desert boots again.  After over a year they are definitely starting to wear out, specifically the sole.  The suede upper is pretty high quality and maybe could just use a cleaning and a weatherproofing.  However, the crepe bottom turns into a disgusting black color within just days of wearing brand new desert boots.  As much as I like the crepe sole I think I would like to try something else, just to have something unique.  I found quite a few ideas on google.

barnside2These awesome beautys are the beeswax boots with monster ripple soles, which I really happen to like, not sure how they would look on my oakwood suede boots though.CK62122_KS2_1024x1024These are actually made by clarks, called the deserttrooper boot.  They are okay I would rather have something completely unique though.

images These look like some polished beeswax boots with a leather sole and rubber heel, not exactly what I want to go for I don’t think.IMG_1094 These look like maybe a thin gum rubber sole?  Pretty cool but I do like the heel on my boots.Exif_JPEG_PICTUREThese are the oakwood suede boots(my color) really diggin the white soles.  But I’m not sure what they would look like on me.  Also not sure how I feel about no heel cutout.

tumblr_lopt1kV5ha1qle6p0o1_500These look similar to the original design with what I suppose is a vibram sole.  Pretty different than the original crepe.

Looks like I need to find myself a cobbler.  I need to find out all of my options and the cost.  I don’t think I would feel to comfortable spending 80-90 dollars when I could just buy those new beeswax desert boots instead.


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