Mink Oil & Sperrys

So in my attempt to look for some black shoe polish I was only able to find a bigass tin that was way to much, so instead I bought some mink oil and figured I’d try it out on my Sperrys.  I usually spray my Sperrys and desert boots and such with some sortof spray when I first get them but after a while it eventually wears off.  So I decided to try out the mink oil on my Sperrys which I’ve heard varying things about.  These are my first pair of Sperrys and are pretty small and hella beat up.  From the application you can see how much darker they got and almost how different the texture looks.  I forget what color they are called, but when I got them they weren’t a smooth leather but a sortof suede like feel.  I washed them off with a damp washcloth let them dry and then rubbed some mink oil on ’em.  I have heard of people heating up the mink oil and such but it was fine as it was, pretty viscous and easily applicable with my fingers.  Sorry for the iPhone pics, I usually shoot my own but I was lazy.


Standard Kiwi Mik Oil


Left Sperry oiled, right not.  The left is noticeably darker and shinier.


Both Sperrys mink oiled.  I think they look pretty dam cool considering they never looked like this before, even out of the box.



Showing mink oil (left) and regular beat up Sperry (right)


Still letting them dry overnight.  Interested in seeing how water proof they are now and how they will hold up.  I’ve had them for a long time and wearing them barefoot really beat em up.  I have the innersoles glued back.


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