Mink Oil & Sperrys

So in my attempt to look for some black shoe polish I was only able to find a bigass tin that was way to much, so instead I bought some mink oil and figured I’d try it out on my Sperrys.  I usually spray my Sperrys and desert boots and such with some sortof spray when I first get them but after a while it eventually wears off.  So I decided to try out the mink oil on my Sperrys which I’ve heard varying things about.  These are my first pair of Sperrys and are pretty small and hella beat up.  From the application you can see how much darker they got and almost how different the texture looks.  I forget what color they are called, but when I got them they weren’t a smooth leather but a sortof suede like feel.  I washed them off with a damp washcloth let them dry and then rubbed some mink oil on ’em.  I have heard of people heating up the mink oil and such but it was fine as it was, pretty viscous and easily applicable with my fingers.  Sorry for the iPhone pics, I usually shoot my own but I was lazy.


Standard Kiwi Mik Oil


Left Sperry oiled, right not.  The left is noticeably darker and shinier.


Both Sperrys mink oiled.  I think they look pretty dam cool considering they never looked like this before, even out of the box.



Showing mink oil (left) and regular beat up Sperry (right)


Still letting them dry overnight.  Interested in seeing how water proof they are now and how they will hold up.  I’ve had them for a long time and wearing them barefoot really beat em up.  I have the innersoles glued back.


Resoling Clarks Desert Boots

Recently, I fell in love with my desert boots again.  After over a year they are definitely starting to wear out, specifically the sole.  The suede upper is pretty high quality and maybe could just use a cleaning and a weatherproofing.  However, the crepe bottom turns into a disgusting black color within just days of wearing brand new desert boots.  As much as I like the crepe sole I think I would like to try something else, just to have something unique.  I found quite a few ideas on google.

barnside2These awesome beautys are the beeswax boots with monster ripple soles, which I really happen to like, not sure how they would look on my oakwood suede boots though.CK62122_KS2_1024x1024These are actually made by clarks, called the deserttrooper boot.  They are okay I would rather have something completely unique though.

images These look like some polished beeswax boots with a leather sole and rubber heel, not exactly what I want to go for I don’t think.IMG_1094 These look like maybe a thin gum rubber sole?  Pretty cool but I do like the heel on my boots.Exif_JPEG_PICTUREThese are the oakwood suede boots(my color) really diggin the white soles.  But I’m not sure what they would look like on me.  Also not sure how I feel about no heel cutout.

tumblr_lopt1kV5ha1qle6p0o1_500These look similar to the original design with what I suppose is a vibram sole.  Pretty different than the original crepe.

Looks like I need to find myself a cobbler.  I need to find out all of my options and the cost.  I don’t think I would feel to comfortable spending 80-90 dollars when I could just buy those new beeswax desert boots instead.

Keeping my feet warm in the winter

This winter I’ve amassed about 4 pairs of boots to add into my rotation, in hopes of keeping my feet warm and dry.

The first boot I bought was probably over the summer/fall.  These were the Sperry Shipyard Rigger, the 3rd installment of Sperry shoes.  I have the two pair of the original boat shoes right now, which I love.  And I also have a pair of oxfords I got for a decent price which are way to big and have sadly lost there shape.

I picked up the Shipyard Rigger for a decent price, if I remember correctly, they’re an 8.5 and definitely run big, they’re super light, not exactly waterproof and are awesome white soled boots which get dirty really quickly.  I think they provide good traction, with the siping and tread,  have a great quick lace system and all around comfort.  I have definitely put these through their respective paces, I hope I can continue to wear them, possibly thinking about getting them resoled for the right price if need be in the future, as all my walking has really taken a toll on the heels.

Sperry Shipyard Rigger Sperry Shipyard Rigger Sperry Shipyard Rigger

The next pair of boots are the classic LL Bean Boot.  I had always heard good things about these and did not own a proper pair of snow boots.  So after hearing of the quality of snow boots from Sorel and the Bean Boots, I decided to get the original American duck boot, backed by LL Bean’s outstanding warranty and customer service.  I got the Thinsulate 8″ Boot.  These run extremely big!  I bought an 8(N) I can wear them with thick wool socks, not to much toe movement room.  But they’re still pretty roomy.  They are overall pretty comfortable and COMPLETELY waterproof.  I purposely walk in puddles when I have these on.  Unfortunately they haven’t seen as much snow as I’d like them too.  But they seem to keep my feet dam warm to the point where my feet can get pretty sweaty after a long day with them on.  They are perfect for the rain and snow, and ever since I’ve got mine I’ve been seeing just about everybody wearing them.  Coincidence… I think not!  I only wish that these had a quick lace system.. oh well.  I plan to have these for a couple more decades if they live up to their reputation.

Bean Boots Bean Boots Bean Boots

The last pair I bought on a whim after I had seen the low version at a store.  These are the North Face Back to Berkeley Boot 68.  These are also completely waterproof, really comfortable with these awesome ortholite insoles that come with them and provide great traction.  The purple stars on the bottom freeze and get hard when it’s cold enough to gain more traction.  I bought these on eBay for a pretty good deal, they were apparently to small for the original owner and he wanted them off his hands.  Got a 9.5 and they fit like a glove.  They came brand new in the box, but there’s a slight discoloration on them if you look closely.  Came with a pair of purple laces and grey laces.  My only complaint is the quick lace system has a hard time with the fat laces.

North Face Boot North Face Boot

Last but not least, I cannot neglect my trusty Clarks Desert Boots.  I think I’ve had these for maybe a year or two.  I used to wear these about everyday and I’m falling in love with them again.  I am highly interested in getting these resoled and am deciding what I should I do.  And then recently my dad gave me a pair of his desert boots he barely wore because he didn’t like the way they fit.  Mine are the Oakwood Suede.  The ones I’ve acquired, which are basically like brand new, are a lighter color, Sand suede.  On my wish list are the Beeswax Leather desert boots, I would love to have those.  Desert boots are a classic piece of footwear, I always get compliments on mine.

Desert Boots

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